What is a Cyber Insurance Policy and Why Should My Business Have One?

Kristy DonahueCyber Insurance

Over the years more and more personal and financial information is being stored on computers and transmitted via the internet. As such, the threat of information being stolen and used for nefarious motives is becoming more and more prevalent. From the simple theft of a gaining credit card and bank account numbers in order to steal funds, to the more … Read More

You have a plan; but did you fund it?

Kristy DonahueLife Insurance

Smart business owners know the importance of a Business Succession Plan.  Business Succession Plans are the well thought out instructions on what needs to be done in the event of a worst-case scenario involving a key member to the business’s team.  Key members generally include the owner or partners of the business.   A Business Succession Plan lets the other members … Read More

The Top Reasons Why Your Insurance Claims May Be Rejected.

Kristy DonahueAuto Insurance, Claims Process, General Liability, Health Insurance, Insurance Agents, Life Insurance

Insurance is not a small ticket item on your list of personal or business expenses.  Whether it be insurance for your car, your business or even your own personal life policy, it’s important always to know exactly what is and is not covered.  What could be worse than finding out that you have been paying on a policy for years … Read More