Conducting Business – How to Protect Yourself and Your Family

Larry DonahueGeneral Liability, Insurance Agents

When you are running, managing and/or owning a business, you are under constant threat from all directions. It’s important to understand what those threats can be, and how to take proactive, cost-effective measures to minimize and reduce the risks to yourself, your personal wealth and your family. There are a number of risks you need to concern yourself with: Liability. … Read More

Why the Right Business Insurance is Critical – A Lawyers Perspective

Larry DonahueAuto Insurance, Claims Process, General Liability, Home Owners Insurance, Product Liability, Professional Liability, Workers Compensation

The right business insurance is not just critical for your business.  In some instances, it’s legally required. The Right Business Insurance is Critical to Your Company If you are conducting business, no matter what type of business you have or what you’re doing, you owe it to yourself to make sure you’re carrying the right business insurance.  Aside from potentially … Read More

How to Protect Assets: Both Personal and Business

Larry DonahueGeneral Liability, Insurance Agents, Product Liability

The analogy is a bit crude, but I tell my clients to think of asset protection sort of like birth control:  No one method is perfect, and it’s best to have a number of methods in place to maximize protection.  Liability protection. Protecting assets means minimizing liability. When you own or run a business, I strongly recommend the following to … Read More