The Future is Smart Homes and They Will Require Smart Insurance

Kristy DonahueCyber Insurance, Home Owners Insurance

A smart home. That sounds so cool and sophisticated.  It also sounds intimidating and potentially complicated. However, chances are you probably already have and are actively using the basic components of a smart house.  “Smart Houses” are simply any residence that utilizes any Internet-connected device to help you, the homeowner, manage and monitor a range of appliances and systems from … Read More

What is Long Term Care Insurance?

Kristy DonahueHealth Insurance, Life Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance is insurance that will ensure that you will be able to afford the expenses that come with aging or as a result of a serious or prolonged illness.  Long Term Care Insurance goes into effect when policy carriers are having difficulty with basic daily functions such as bathing, dressing etc. The policy reimburses the policy holder … Read More

What is a Cyber Insurance Policy and Why Should My Business Have One?

Kristy DonahueCyber Insurance

Over the years more and more personal and financial information is being stored on computers and transmitted via the internet. As such, the threat of information being stolen and used for nefarious motives is becoming more and more prevalent. From the simple theft of a gaining credit card and bank account numbers in order to steal funds, to the more … Read More

Welcome to the team, Kelly Mancha!

Sean FriendInsurance Agents

Insurance 4 Small Business is proud to introduce our newest member of our team, Kelly Mancha! Kelly received her Bachelor of Science from the University of New Mexico.   Prior to working in the insurance business, she worked as a Senior Research Assistant at UNM.  While in that role she contributed to studies done in conjunction with John Hopkins University on … Read More

Business Law Southwest is a proud sponsor of KOAT 7 KOATs for Kids!

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Business Law Southwest, our sister company is a proud sponsor of KOAT 7 KOATs for Kids! If you want to make a donation, we’re located on the sixth floor of the New Mexico Bank and Trust Building in the heart of downtown Albuquerque. Make your coat donation from November 19 to December 20, 2019. Google map: Learn more about … Read More

Why the Right Business Insurance is Critical – A Lawyers Perspective

Larry DonahueAuto Insurance, Claims Process, General Liability, Home Owners Insurance, Product Liability, Professional Liability, Workers Compensation

The right business insurance is not just critical for your business.  In some instances, it’s legally required. The Right Business Insurance is Critical to Your Company If you are conducting business, no matter what type of business you have or what you’re doing, you owe it to yourself to make sure you’re carrying the right business insurance.  Aside from potentially … Read More

How to Protect Assets: Both Personal and Business

Larry DonahueGeneral Liability, Insurance Agents, Product Liability

The analogy is a bit crude, but I tell my clients to think of asset protection sort of like birth control:  No one method is perfect, and it’s best to have a number of methods in place to maximize protection.  Liability protection. Protecting assets means minimizing liability. When you own or run a business, I strongly recommend the following to … Read More

What’s the difference between General and Professional Liability Insurance?

Sean FriendGeneral Liability, Professional Liability

No matter what kind of business you have, you’re always going to need insurance.  So many things could happen to your business, your employees, or even yourself and it’s important to be and stay protected.  When you have the right information available at your fingertips and know the differences between what’s available, you can make the decision-making process easier.  General … Read More

Announcing Hooray Health 360: Open Enrollment begins November 1, 2019!

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We have great news and we can’t wait to share it with you! Hooray Health and Sedera Health offers it members an affordable alternative to health insurance. Hooray Health 360! No matter if your healthcare need is small or large, Hooray Health has a “fit” for you! Hooray Health has its own network of Retail Clinics and Urgent Care that … Read More

You have a plan; but did you fund it?

Kristy DonahueLife Insurance

Smart business owners know the importance of a Business Succession Plan.  Business Succession Plans are the well thought out instructions on what needs to be done in the event of a worst-case scenario involving a key member to the business’s team.  Key members generally include the owner or partners of the business.   A Business Succession Plan lets the other members … Read More