Key Man Insurance

If you’re a business owner, you want to take care of your employees, especially those that are critical to the functioning of your business. And this is why Key Man Insurance exists. It offers financial cushioning if the sudden loss of your key employees would negatively affect the company’s operations. These key persons are usually the owner, the founders, or perhaps a key employee or two. 

We understand that in life and in business, not all risks can be waived. And that’s where insurance comes in. Key Man Insurance can provide cover for the inevitable in life. The categories usually covered include insurance to protect profits, protect the shareholders or partnership interests, and guarantee business loans or banking facilities. 

Our recommendation is not to skimp on the types of insurance you take out. Ensure your coverage is vast and protects your business, yourself, your employees, and your assets. Don’t land up in hot water after an incident that’s out of your control. Rely on your insurance to pull you through these times of stress. A lack of insurance can lead to the diminishing value of your company, employees leaving, and limit retirement income.

Insurance 4 Small Business (i4SB) has got your employees covered. We are the one-stop insurance shop for your business. That’s right; you have access to the best coverage and benefits for your employees with the help of i4SB!

The Insurance Plans We Cover

Don’t be overwhelmed by the various insurance options and packages on offer. That’s where we come in. Our expert and knowledgeable team will ensure all the insurance needs of your business are taken care of. Your company may require various types of insurance and the involvement of more than one insurance company or agent. And although this may sound like a lot, i4SB has made what could be a confusing and expensive process simple.

1. Health Benefits

Finally! Affordable, quality health insurance is available for business owners to offer their employees—no more worries about not having enough employees or the expense shouldered by your business. We have a solution for any business owner with any type or size of business.

We have many options for health care. A great example is Hooray for Health Care.

2. Retirement Plans

Retirement Plans should be as unique as the employees who contribute to them. We can help you offer plans that allow employees to roll over existing retirement accounts from previous employers. We can also help employees who are new to saving for retirement understand the process and feel comfortable with their contribution amounts. We offer customer service and, of course, education so that company and employee alike can feel confident about their retirement plan.

3. Term Life Policies for Employees

For a surprisingly small cost, employers can offer term life policies to their employees. In many instances, these policies may not require medical records or screening. Most of these policies are portable, meaning that even if the employee leaves your business, they will have the option to take the insurance with them. Policy premiums can be paid for by the company or by the individual employees via payroll deductions. What a great benefit to offer your employees; piece of mind.

Here’s How Key Man Insurance Works With i4SB

We don’t expect you to be an expert on your business and insurance. That’s where we come in. We know insurance. Our insurance experts will determine what kind of insurance you should have for your business, the amount you need, and make other recommendations that will benefit you. Here’s our simple process:

Step 1:

To come up with the perfect policy for you, we ask you to answer a simple online questionnaire. This will help us discover all the insurance needs of your business. 

Step 2:

We take the answers from your questionnaire responses and determine what a business’s insurance needs will be. We consider factors such as:

  • the state the company operates in 
  • the type of business
  • coverage amounts
  • reasonable pricing, etc. 

Step 3:

Based on your specific needs, we will suggest how much coverage you should have, and we will contact the insurance expert best suited to the specific type of business with our client’s information. After the initial introduction, the assigned insurance expert will work with you to ensure all of your insurance needs are met. 

Step 4:

Once you purchase insurance from us, our client support continues as long as you carry the policies. 

We think of ourselves as “matchmakers” for businesses and insurance. No more guessing, no more calling random agencies, no more hoping you have the right coverages and policies in place. 

How We Can Help You

i4SB has taken care of all of this for you. After all, running a business is hard enough – let us focus on the insurance piece so you can focus on your business.

Simply push the Get Started Now button below and tell us about yourself and your business. It costs you nothing to fill out the survey, and you are under no obligation to buy a product from any of the insurance companies we match you with.

We’d love to hear from you; contact us via our contact form online or with customer service at 1-505-880-2143.

Insurance For Your Business

Did you know that “wrongful acts” on the part of a business are one of the top reasons why small businesses are sued? A “wrongful act” can be anything from water inadvertently left on your company’s sales floor to a car accident one of your fleet vehicles was involved in. While owning a business can be scary, having the right insurance in place to protect yourself against any of life’s “wrongful acts” doesn’t have to be.
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