You can’t afford to not make the right choice for your business, your employees, and you.

We believe passionately that if business owners get the right information from the get-go, they are far more likely to create a successful, sustainable business that will last for generations.

i4SB knows business. It’s just that simple.

i4SB is a dedicated partner in your business. We will provide the tools and expertise to make sure things run smoothly. Sometimes there are obstacles, surprises or even just the added stress that comes with rapid growth. No matter the reason, we’ve got you!

We have decades of insurance experience

Our insurance professionals are not new to the insurance business. No one is learning the business at your expense. We can help you determine what it is you need when it comes to insurance. We can answer your questions and explain our products in a way that makes sense to you. Most importantly, our partnership doesn’t end once you buy a policy from us. We will be here to conduct regular reviews and keep an open line of communication. The business world changes every day. If your business is to succeed, it will need to be changing too. We will be here for you every step of the way.

It’s not just one insurance policy to meet one need. Its about carefully crafting a plan that will last from the moment you put the “open” sign in your front window to the day you retire. We will try to anticipate everything for you. From protecting your company’s assets from property damage, theft, lawsuits or accidents to making sure your employees and family are well cared for.

We know how things fit together

We see a bright future ahead for small business owners like you...

And we have the road map to get you there. For your business, for your employees, for you. It all fits together. Let us show you how.

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